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Delta-RS introduces native support for OneLake 

Delta-RS, the native Rust library for DeltaLake, now supports OneLake, enabling partners to directly manage their lakehouses in OneLake using Delta-RS!  As the single data lake for all Fabric tenants, it is imperative that OneLake enables organizations to use their tool, language, and package of choice to manage their data.  This is especially true for tools and packages supporting Delta Lake, the backbone of Fabric’s data and table management. Delta-RS is also used by a multitude of other packages and libraries, such as Polars, a highly performant DataFrame library.  

While OneLake was built to have full parity with any code compatible with ADLS Gen2, some tools use URL validation to help protect customer code, ensuring that all URL calls match the expected ADLS Gen2 format.  Because OneLake uses a different URL scheme than ADLS Gen2 ( vs, this has the unfortunate side effect of blocking OneLake URLs completely, as was the case with Delta-RS.   

The OneLake team worked with the Delta-RS community to help introduce support for recognizing OneLake URLs in both Delta-RS and the Rust Object Store, which Delta-RS had a dependency on. Now both libraries can recognize OneLake URLs and handle them identically to ADLS Gen2, providing easy integration with OneLake without interrupting functionality.  

What’s next for OneLake?

To learn more about how to access OneLake, check out the OneLake documentation.  The OneLake team is dedicated to ensuring full compatibility with all tools and libraries currently compatible with ADLS Gen2. The OneLake team will continue working with the open-source community to help address issues with OneLake compatibility.  If you’re experiencing issues interaction with OneLake from your tool of choice, please let us know at

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Delta-RS introduces native support for OneLake 

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