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Microsoft Fabric MVP Corner – August 2023

About this blog series

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. They are always on the “bleeding edge” and have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies. They have very deep knowledge of Microsoft products and services, while also being able to bring together diverse platforms, products, and solutions, to solve real world problems. To learn about the Microsoft MVP Award and to find MVPs, visit the official website:

The Microsoft Fabric team presents you with a blog series “Microsoft Fabric MVP Corner” to highlight selected content related to Fabric and created by MVPs. Dive into a collection of content created by MVPs that includes blogs, videos, articles, live streams, podcasts, and more. Delve into these valuable resources and immerse yourself in the wealth of knowledge and insights shared by our esteemed MVP community. Enjoy reading, watching, and listening to these informative resources!

This month’s MVP content

Alex RostanGaston Cruz

Alex Rostan (Twitter: @rostanker)
Gaston Cruz (Twitter: @Gastonfcruz)

Video: Enable Fabric in your organization

Description: In this video Gaston and Alex demonstrate how to enable Microsoft Fabric in your Power BI tenant step by step.


Amit Chandak

Amit Chandak (Twitter: @amitchandak78)

Video: Microsoft Fabric OneLake Explorer or also an Azure Data Lake Explorer| Shortcut

Description: In this video Amit discusses whether OneLake File Explorer can be used as an Azure Data Lake(ADLS Gen2) Storage Explorer. This video is a part of Amit’s Microsoft Fabric playlist containing 30+ videos on Microsoft Fabric.


Amit Chandak

Amit Chandak (Twitter: @amitchandak78)

Video: Data Wrangling Using Notebook and Pandas Dataframe vs Dataflow Gen 2- Power Query

Description: In this video Amit demonstrates how one can do data wrangling in Microsoft Fabric using two options: 1) Spark Notebook and Pandas Dataframe and 2) Dataflow Gen 2- Power Query.


Chris Wagner

Chris Wagner (Twitter: @KratosBi)

Video: Create a Fabric Capacity in 10 Minutes!

Description: In this video Chris shows how to create a Microsoft Fabric capacity in Azure, which is a compute resource that powers all the data and analytics workloads in Microsoft Fabric. Do not miss the Microsoft Fabric playlist which contains 30+ videos that cover various aspects of Microsoft Fabric. These videos include live streams, interviews, demonstrations, and reactions.


Gaston Cruz

Gaston Cruz (Twitter: @Gastonfcruz)

Video: [ES] Intro a Microsoft Fabric (“Introduction to Microsoft Fabric”)

Description: In this video Gaston presents an overview of Microsoft Fabric and its capabilities. This video is a recording of Gaston’s session delivered at Gira Online Speakers Latam 2023.


Greg Low

Greg Low (Twitter: @greglow)

Podcast: Fabric Down Under show 2 features Principal Group Product Manager Josh Caplan discussing OneLake

Description: Fabric Down Under Podcast Show 2 covers OneLake. The featured guest is Principal Group Product Manager for Microsoft OneLake, Josh Caplan.


Ignacio Barrau

Ignacio Barrau (Twitter: @ignacho_07)

Blog post: [ES] Pause/Resume Fabric, Embedded o AAS con SimplePBI (“Pause/Resume Fabric, Embedded or AAS with SimplePBI”)

Description: In this blog post, Ignacio discusses the latest update of the Python library SimplePBI, which allows pausing and/or resuming BI resources. If you use Analysis Services, Power BI Embedded, or Fabric, and would like to save costs when the tools are not in use, then this code will help you perform the action. Also, Ignacio describes how to automate and schedule pause/resume operations.


Kay Sauter

Kay Sauter (Twitter: @kaysauter, BlueSky:

Blog post: Getting into Fabric

Description: This blog post is a start of Kay’s mini series on Fabric. [Spoiler Alert!] Azure Synapse is meant to stay. Fabric is an SaaS offering, Azure Synapse is a PaaS offering. Mentioning OneLake as catalyst for tearing down data silos.


Kevin Chant

Kevin Chant (Twitter: @kevchant)

Blog post: Prepare Azure DevOps for Microsoft Fabric Git integration

Description: This blog post covers how you can prepare Azure DevOps for Microsoft Fabric Git integration. To help you avoid any issues.


Kevin Chant

Kevin Chant (Twitter: @kevchant)

Blog post: Using Azure DevOps Analytics views and Microsoft Fabric to create Sprint review reports

Description: This blog post covers using Azure DevOps Analytics views and Microsoft Fabric to create Sprint review dashboards. Kevin considers this post to be a sequel to one of his most popular posts that covered using Azure DevOps Analytics views and Power BI to create Sprint review dashboards. For four very good reasons explained in the post.


Kevin Chant

Kevin Chant (Twitter: @kevchant)

Blog post: Initial Microsoft Fabric Git integration tests for Power BI Reports

Description: In this post Kevin shares results of some Microsoft Fabric Git integration tests for Power BI reports. Based on tests that he performed in the public preview version of Microsoft Fabric.


Kayla Dolores Mendez

Keyla Dolores Méndez

Blog post: [ES] Qué es Microsoft Fabric? (“What is Microsoft Fabric?”)

Description: La primera de una serie de posts y videos para todos aquellos que quieren conocer desde las bases las bondades de Microsoft Fabric. | The first in a series of posts and videos for all those who want to know the benefits of Microsoft Fabric from the bases.


Marc Lelijveld

Marc Lelijveld (Twitter: @MarcLelijveld)

Blog post: Unveiling Tenant Configuration in Fabric: Empowering User Exploration

Description: Often, users find themselves eager to explore new features they’ve come across online. But somehow, they cannot get it to work, or the feature does not even show for them. In this blog, Marc elaborates on the challenges and scenarios in which questions like these come up, and what you can do as a Fabric / Power BI administrator to ease answering this question using the new Fabric Admin API.


Marc Lelijveld

Marc Lelijveld (Twitter: @MarcLelijveld)

Blog post: Access OneLake files from Power BI Desktop

Description: In Fabric, as a SaaS platform, most (if not all) services have interconnectivity. In a few clicks you connect your web-developed Power BI dataset to a lakehouse, or warehouse to fetch data from OneLake. But what about Power BI Desktop? You might have uploaded some files to OneLake which you cannot access from Power BI Desktop. In this blog Marc explains how you can connect to OneLake data using Power BI Desktop.


Mike CarloTommy Puglia

Mike Carlo (Twitter: @PowerBITips)
Tommy Puglia (Twitter: @tommypuglia)

Video: Intro to Notebooks – Let’s Learn Fabric – ep.15

Description: In this video Mike and Tommy make a practical introduction to Notebooks and their developer experience in Microsoft Fabric. The video is a part of an extensive “Learn Fabric” series by Mike and Tommy, long standing MVPs. Jump in and learn how to build and use Microsoft Fabric. Learn how to use the Lakehouse, build data engineering processes and land data in Power BI Reports. A full end to end learning experience for Fabric users.


Pragati Jain

Pragati Jain (Twitter: @pragati1187)

Blog post: Microsoft Fabric – SaaSified Analytics Solution

Description: This blog is an introductory blog around Microsoft Fabric and the first blog in Pragati’s Microsoft Fabric blog series. The content in this blog gives audience a clear understanding of the Fabric analytics platform and how they can use it in developing their solutions. This blog will be followed by weekly fabric blog posts.


Pragati Jain

Pragati Jain (Twitter: @pragati1187)

Blog post: Getting on-premises SQL Server Data to Fabric Lakehouse

Description: This blog shares a way to get data from an on-premises SQL Server database to the Fabric Lakehouse. The blog also highlights the security & permission issues that one can face while setting up this solution on the SQL Server database side.


Reid HavensJust Blindbaek

Reid Havens
Just Blindbæk

Video: Monitoring Power BI and Fabric Tenant Information

Description: Need to get the full overview of a Power Bl and/or Fabric tenant? What are the users doing? What’s created? This session is a walkthrough of a complete monitoring solution to extract all the valuable tenant information including the activity events, the artifact metadata and the settings. You will learn how to setup and use Integration Pipelines in Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse Analytics and get examples of querying the data with Azure Synapse Serverless SQL Pool. Also, Reid and Just discuss what questions you can get answered, when combining all the information. And then they cover alternative solutions.


Renato Lira

Renato Lira (Twitter: @RenatoLira1986)

Blog post: [PT] Melhores Práticas de Segurança de Dados: Implementando OLS e RLS no Microsoft Fabric
[EN] Data Security Best Practices: Implementing OLS and RLS in Microsoft Fabric

Description: Nessa postagem de blog apresenta a implementação de segurança a nível de objeto (OLS) e segurança a nível de linha (RLS) no Microsoft Fabric, particularmente no contexto de compartilhamento de fluxo de dados (dataflows) do Power BI. | The blog post discusses the implementation of Object-Level Security (OLS) and Row-Level Security (RLS) in Microsoft Fabric, particularly in the context of Power BI dataflow sharing. 


Renato Lira

Renato Lira (Twitter: @RenatoLira1986)

Blog post: [PT] A Evolução do Power Query do Excel até o Dataflow Gen2
[EN] The Evolution of Power Query from a User-Friendly Data Transformation Tool to Dataflow Gen2

Description: O Power Query que teve origem como um complemento do Excel em 2013, destaca-se no tratamento de fontes de dados pequenas ou dobráveis, simplificando tarefas ETL (Extrair, Transformar, Carregar). No entanto, para necessidades de dados mais complexas, Dataflow Gen2 surge como uma solução superior. | Power Query, originating as an Excel add-in in 2013, excels at handling small or query-foldable data sources, streamlining ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tasks for users. However, for more complex data needs, Dataflow Gen2 emerges as a superior solution.


Reza Rad

Reza Rad (Twitter: @Rad_Reza)

Blog post & video: Fabric Data Factory: Copy Activity is More Than Copy

Description: Copy Activity is one of the most commonly used activities in Microsoft Fabric’s Data Factory Pipeline. The Copy Activity copies the data from a source to a destination. However, there is more to that rather than just a simple copy. From this article and associated video, you will learn what Copy Activity is, its rationale, how it works, and its configuration options.


Reza Rad

Reza Rad (Twitter: @Rad_Reza)

Blog post & video: Fabric Data Wrangler: A Tool for Data Scientist

Description: Microsoft Fabric is an end-to-end Analytics Software-as-a-Service offering. One of the editors and tools in Microsoft Fabric is Data Wrangler. Data Wrangler is a tool that provides the ability to work with data. In this article and associated video, Reza explains the Data Wrangler, how to work with it, and how it can be used with other objects in Fabric, such as Lakehouse and Notebook.


Stepan Resl

Štěpán Rešl (Twitter: @tpnRel1)

Blog post: Personal Workspaces in Times of Fabric

Description: In this article, Štěpán delves into the world of personal workspaces in Power BI, uncovering how you can think about them and use their potential. Because NO! You cannot turn them off. But you can benefit from them.


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