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REST APIs for Fabric Data Factory pipelines now available

We’re pleased to announce the immediate public preview availability of CRUD REST APIs for Fabric Data Factory pipelines! Please read the online documentation to learn more about how to use these new APIs here.

Publishing REST APIs for Data Factory pipelines in Fabric enables you to build exciting patterns that extend the built-in capability in Fabric to create, read, update, delete, and list pipelines.

Many users of the Azure Data Factory (ADF) APIs have utilized our pipeline APIs in very creative ways from automatically creating pipelines to executing pipelines via external services or even Web activities in another pipeline. Now you have the power to do this in Fabric Data Factory as well!

If you have utilized the ADF or Synapse APIs in the past, please note several important differences in pipeline APIs in Fabric. Fabric is a platform built on Power BI that includes features like scheduling, monitoring, and connections, that are shared across the platform. In ADF, those APIs are also contained in the same SDK as pipelines. However, in Fabric, each of those cross-cutting horizontal features have separate APIs.

Therefore, you’ll see different documentation locations and roadmaps for each API. The primary online reference documentation for Microsoft Fabric REST APIs can be found in Microsoft Fabric REST API references. For additional resources, refer to the Core items API and Job scheduler documentation. For Monitoring Hub documentation, please click here.

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REST APIs for Fabric Data Factory pipelines now available

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