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Introducing Trusted Workspace Access in Fabric Data Pipelines

Create data pipelines in Fabric to access your firewall-enabled ADLS Gen2 storage accounts with ease and security.

We are excited to announce a new feature in Fabric that enables you to create data pipelines to access your firewall-enabled Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS Gen2) accounts. This feature leverages the workspace identity to establish a secure and seamless connection between Fabric and your storage accounts.

With trusted workspace access, you can create data pipelines to your storage accounts with just a few clicks. Then you can copy data into a Fabric Lakehouse and start analyzing your data with Spark, SQL, and Power BI. Trusted workspace access is available for workspaces in Fabric capacities (F64 or higher). It supports organizational account or service principal authentication for storage accounts.

How to use trusted workspace access in data pipelines

  1. Create a workspace identity for your Fabric workspace. You can follow the guidelines provided in Workspace identity in Fabric.
  2. Configure resource instance rules for the Storage account that you want to access from your Fabric workspace. Resource instance rules for Fabric workspaces can only be created through ARM templates. Follow the guidelines for configuring resource instance rules for Fabric workspaces here.
  3. Create a data pipeline to copy data from the firewall-enabled ADLS gen2 account to a Fabric Lakehouse.

To learn more about how to use trusted workspace access in data pipelines, please refer to Trusted workspace access in Fabric.

We hope you enjoy this new feature for your data integration and analytics scenarios. Please share your feedback and suggestions with us by leaving a comment here.

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