Microsoft Fabric Updates Blog

Announcing Folder in Workspace in Public Preview

In the past, a workspace would always end up being filled by hundreds of items as the project progressed. It would become harder and harder to find an item, or to put related items in the same place. This leads to cluttered workspaces and decreased productivity during collaboration. Today, we are very excited to announce … Continue reading “Announcing Folder in Workspace in Public Preview”

Introducing Trusted Workspace Access for OneLake Shortcuts 

A new feature that enables secure and seamless access to ADLS Gen2 storage accounts from OneLake shortcuts in Fabric  We are excited to announce Trusted workspace access, a new feature in Fabric that allows you to securely access firewall-enabled Storage accounts. With Trusted workspace access, you can create OneLake shortcuts to Storage accounts, and then use … Continue reading “Introducing Trusted Workspace Access for OneLake Shortcuts “

Announcing Azure Private Link Support for Microsoft Fabric in Public Preview

Organizations today rely on cloud platforms for storage and analysis of data at scale and need to keep up with the accelerating volume of data while protecting sensitive information.  While enterprises in Banking, Healthcare, and similar domains require strict data security standards by default, securing business-critical data is the highest priority for all enterprises. At … Continue reading “Announcing Azure Private Link Support for Microsoft Fabric in Public Preview”

OneLake Shortcuts APIs available in Preview

Microsoft Fabric REST APIs allow users and developers to automate common actions and programmatically interact with Fabric. This allows teams and organizations to develop solutions that can scale and integrate with other parts of their systems. Before today, OneLake shortcuts could only be created using the Fabric web experience. This meant that our users were … Continue reading “OneLake Shortcuts APIs available in Preview”