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Microsoft Fabric October 2023 update

Microsoft Fabric October 2023 update We have a lot of features this month including updates to the Item type icons, Keyword-Based Filtering of Tenant Settings, On-object Interaction updates, Eventstream Kafka Endpoints and many more. Continue reading for more details on our new and updated features! Core Item type icons Admin Keyword-Based Filtering of Tenant Settings … Continue reading “Microsoft Fabric October 2023 update”

Announcing the Data Activator public preview 

We are thrilled to announce that Data Activator is now in public preview and is enabled for all existing Microsoft Fabric users. If you have not already signed up for Fabric, then your administrator can enable Data Activator by signing up for the Fabric trial, then enabling “Data Activator (preview)” in your Fabric settings: Figure … Continue reading “Announcing the Data Activator public preview “

Microsoft Fabric August 2023 update

Welcome to the August 2023 update. We have lots of features this month including the new layout switcher for Power BI, SSD caching in Synapse Data Warehouse, in-line Python support for KQL in Synapse Real-time Analytics, lookup activity for Data Factory Dataflows, and much more. Continue reading for more details on our new features! Contents … Continue reading “Microsoft Fabric August 2023 update”

Microsoft Fabric July 2023 Update

Welcome to the July 2023 update. We have features in Core, Synapse, Data Factory, Data Activator, Community, and Power BI. Contents Core Help Pane Monitoring Hub improvements Admin Microsoft Public Preview Default Sharing On by Default Effective July 5th, 2023 OneLake OneLake file explorer update with support for switching organizational accounts Item sharing Synapse Data … Continue reading “Microsoft Fabric July 2023 Update”

Driving actions from your data with Data Activator 

A new way to drive actions from your data  See Arun Ulagaratchagan’s blog post to read the full Microsoft Fabric preview announcement.   Your data is only valuable if you can act on it. This means you need to generate insights from your data, then convert those insights into jobs to be done. If you are like many … Continue reading “Driving actions from your data with Data Activator “