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Copilot in Fabric (preview) is available worldwide 

During November 2023, we unveiled the public preview of Copilot in Microsoft Fabric. This preview includes Copilot for Power BI, Data Factory and Data Science & Data Engineering. Since then, we have been gradually rolling this feature out and today, we are excited to announce that our Copilot preview is now available to all customers! With the Copilot preview, Microsoft … Continue reading “Copilot in Fabric (preview) is available worldwide “

Lakehouse vs Data Warehouse vs Real-Time Analytics/KQL Database: Deep Dive into Use Cases, Differences, and Architecture Designs

With the general availability of Microsoft Fabric this past Ignite, there are a lot of questions centered around the functionality of each component but more importantly, what architecture designs and solutions are best for analytics in Fabric. Specifically, how your data estate for analytics data warehousing/reporting will change or differ from existing designs and how to choose the right path moving forward. This article will be focused on helping you understand the differences between the Data Warehouse and Data Lakehouse, Fabric solution designs, warehouse/lakehouse use cases, and to get the best of both Data Warehouse and Data Lakehouse.

Fabric Change the Game: Real – time Analytics

As we delve into this comprehensive series on Fabric, one of its pivotal facets we explore is Real-Time Analytics. Within this subject, Real-Time Analytics serves as a formidable tool, diminishing complexity and streamlining data integration processes. Imagine scenarios where a continuous stream of data unfolds, capturing the intricacies of messages posted on a micro-blogging site … Continue reading “Fabric Change the Game: Real – time Analytics”

Semantic Link: Data validation using Great Expectations

Great Expectations Open Source(GX OSS) is a popular Python library that provides a framework for describing and validating the acceptable state of data. It helps data engineers and data scientists ensure that their data meets specific quality standards before using it for analysis, machine learning, or other data-driven tasks. With the recent integration of Microsoft … Continue reading “Semantic Link: Data validation using Great Expectations”

Microsoft Fabric, explained for existing Synapse users

Earlier this year, at Microsoft Build, we introduced, in Public Preview, Microsoft Fabric, “the biggest data product announcement since SQL Server”. Today, we are announcing the General Availability of Microsoft Fabric. Arun explains in detail why we all believe Microsoft Fabric will redefine the current analytics landscape. I will focus here on what it means … Continue reading “Microsoft Fabric, explained for existing Synapse users”