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Semantic Link: Data validation using Great Expectations

Great Expectations Open Source(GX OSS) is a popular Python library that provides a framework for describing and validating the acceptable state of data. It helps data engineers and data scientists ensure that their data meets specific quality standards before using it for analysis, machine learning, or other data-driven tasks. With the recent integration of Microsoft … Continue reading “Semantic Link: Data validation using Great Expectations”

Announcing General Availability: Explore the Capabilities of Real-Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric

In the fast-paced world of data analytics, real-time insights are the driving force behind informed decisions and competitive advantage. The long-awaited moment is here: Real-Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric has reached general availability (GA), unveiling a wide range of transformative features and capabilities to empower data-driven professionals across diverse domains. Whether you’re an experienced business … Continue reading “Announcing General Availability: Explore the Capabilities of Real-Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric”

Microsoft Fabric, explained for existing Synapse users

Earlier this year, at Microsoft Build, we introduced, in Public Preview, Microsoft Fabric, “the biggest data product announcement since SQL Server”. Today, we are announcing the General Availability of Microsoft Fabric. Arun explains in detail why we all believe Microsoft Fabric will redefine the current analytics landscape. I will focus here on what it means … Continue reading “Microsoft Fabric, explained for existing Synapse users”

Microsoft Fabric November 2023 update

Welcome to the November 2023 update.   We have lots of features this month including Narrative visual with Copilot, cross workspace “save as” for Data Factory, the general availability of Semantic model scale-out, and many more. Continue reading for more details on our new features!    Contents Core Microsoft Fabric User API Power BI Reporting Button … Continue reading “Microsoft Fabric November 2023 update”

Introducing Mirroring in Microsoft Fabric

As mentioned in Arun’s blog post, we are thrilled to announce that Mirroring in Microsoft Fabric is coming soon. In today’s AI driven world, analytics platforms are only as good as their data. With the ever-increasing amount of data being collected in various applications, databases, and data warehouses in an enterprise, managing and ingesting data … Continue reading “Introducing Mirroring in Microsoft Fabric”