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Introducing Real-Time Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric

We’re thrilled to introduce Real-Time Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric, a new workload that empowers you to harness the full power of signals from across your organization to drive decisions and actions in real time. Real-Time Intelligence combines the best of Synapse Real-Time Analytics and Data Activator along with an array of additional exciting features, in preview, to help organizations make better decisions with up-to-the-minute insights.

Real-Time Intelligence provides a complete end-to-end solution for ingesting, processing, analyzing, visualizing, monitoring, alerting, and acting on events. It enables business users, analysts, data engineers and developers, and to easily and rapidly build solutions that bring together signals, provide high-value insights and alerts, and orchestrate operations in real time. In addition, harnessing the power of Copilot and AI, it enables users to easily ask complex questions about their real-time data using natural language and automatically get alerts about hard-to-find but high-value anomalies in petabytes of data.

Real-Time Intelligence in the era of AI

In today’s data-driven world in the era of AI, organizations and businesses across every industry are having to increase the speed and precision at which they operate. That means leveraging data as much, as widely, and as timely as possible. Signals emitted from a wide range of sources—from business applications, to user click-streams, to IoT sensors, and to application and cloud service telemetry—hold immense value to reduce costs, increase revenue, delight customers, and even transform business models.

In manufacturing, these real-time signals can enhance quality, throughput, and supply chain efficiency. In logistics, they can optimize staffing, routing, and delivery. In retail, they can be invaluable in driving sales, promotions, and inventory optimization. In finance and insurance, they can enable real-time fraud detection, risk management, and cost control.

However, despite the ubiquitous need, building real-time end-to-end solutions to capture events, extract insights, and drive actions has been complex, expensive and required advanced hard-to-find experts—until now. Organizations and businesses need a modern unified platform that makes it far easier and faster to build real-time data solutions and bring their event data together in a single data estate.

End-to-end solution for high volume, time-sensitive data

Real-Time Intelligence brings a complete set of capabilities for streaming data to Microsoft Fabric, making it easy to implement world-class real-time data solutions in the era of AI. Real-Time Intelligence leverages the no-code, self-service experiences of Real-Time Analytics, Data Activator, and Power BI. Internally it builds on top of the proven scale and reliability of Microsoft Azure streaming and big data platforms, such as Azure Event Hubs, Azure Stream Analytics, and Azure Data Explorer. These technologies are proven to be best-in-class and are recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ Streaming Data Platforms and a Leader/Fast Mover in the GigaOm Sonar for Time Series Databases.

The result is a simple, intuitive experience in Microsoft Fabric that makes it approachable for users of all types – from business users, to analysts, to data engineers, and to developers. In addition, it makes Microsoft Fabric fundamentally event-driven, enabling users to orchestrate workflows, jobs, and operations based on system events emitted by Microsoft Fabric and its workloads.

As part of Real-Time Intelligence, we are introducing the new Real-Time hub, the single location for all your data-in-motion. Here, users can discover, manage and leverage all their streaming data sources, such as IoT sensor data, web logs, clickstreams, and more. With a wide variety of out-of-the-box connectors, users can connect to streaming sources within Microsoft and across different clouds. No-code experiences make it easy to act on streaming data while it is still in motion. Users can also stream data into OneLake in Microsoft Fabric so it is available for further analysis alongside the rest of your data estate.

With Real-Time Intelligence and the Real-Time Hub, Microsoft Fabric now truly supports the world of streaming and event data, all within a unified data platform for the era of AI.

How customers are transforming their businesses

Customers from all industries are improving their businesses by implementing end-to-end real-time data solutions easier and faster with Real-Time Intelligence.

Dener Motorsport, the company behind the Porsche Carrera Cup Brazil, used Microsoft Fabric to rapidly build solutions that span real-time analytics, storage, and reporting. Their new solution helps to sustain optimal performance, anticipate problems and reduce costs.

“Before we used Microsoft Fabric and real-time analytics, it was probably 30 minutes before the engineers knew that something was wrong with a car, could get the data, analyze it, and have a result. Today the process is done within minutes.”

Dener Pires, CEO of Dener Motorsport.

This reduction in overall time-to-value is common theme across customers, highlighting how Real-Time Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric makes it approachable for users of all skill sets and how it unlocks a wide range of new scenarios for real-time data solutions by making the return-on-investment attractive.

“Microsoft Fabric Real-Time Intelligence has been the essential building block that’s enabled us to monitor, manage, and enhance the services we provide. With the help of real-time hub for centrally managing data in motion from our diverse sources and Data Activator for event-based triggers, Fabric’s end-to-end cloud solution has empowered us to easily understand and act on high-volume, high-granularity events in real-time with fewer resources.”

Jimmy Grewal, Managing Director, Elcome

“Microsoft Fabric’s real-time capabilities integrated with Azure AI’s precise analytics reduced our defect identification time from hours to under a minute. This rapid, innovative solution of using vision analytics not only optimizes quality but also exemplifies our commitment to technological advancement and operational excellence.”

Karthik Krishna P, Grasim Industries Limited

“At Amey, we always put safety first. With Fabric Real-Time Intelligence, we are now able to provide relevant fleet analytics to our front-line operatives in real time. This has allowed us to maximise our health and safety outcomes in a way which was previously not possible.”

Ryan Jones, Amey Pls

Integrating Real-Time Analytics within Microsoft Fabric has transformed our approach, blending immediate insights with robust data processing capabilities in our Eximpedia Platform. This synergy propels our operations forward, making it an essential strategy for our success. Microsoft Fabric has truly transformed our Eximpedia Platform.”

Amandeep Yadav, CoFounder, SeAir Exim Solutions

“At Petrobras, we have harnessed the power of Microsoft’s Fabric Real Time Analytics to strengthen our Cyber Security capabilities. With its real-time insights, we have gained a deeper understanding of our environment, enabling swift adaptation to evolving threats. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming advancements in Fabric, expecting even faster and more comprehensive situational awareness.”

Caio Cesar Mori Carelo, Head of CyberSecurity, Petrobras

Unified real-time data platform in the era of AI

Real-Time Intelligence is an end-to-end solution empowering user of all skill sets to get actionable insights on streaming data. This includes:

  • Manage, discover and act on your streaming data in a single location across the entire organization.
  • Ingest, transform and route streaming data from a wide range of external sources and processing it on the fly.
  • Analyze and transform high-granularity and high-volume data, with Copilot support to gain insights on terabytes of streaming data without writing code.
  • Visualize your data in real-time and use no-code data exploration to better understand your data and find insights.
  • Monitor and detect patterns and anomalies in live and changing data then trigger actions including notifications or initiating workflows.
  • Subscribe to system events and initiate actions within Fabric items such as notebooks or pipeline based on the events instead of on a schedule.

Real-Time Intelligence now available in preview

Read the other posts from Arun Ulag to hear more about Real-Time Intelligence and the rest of the announcements from Build.

Tune into our session at Build, watch the Mechanics video or read more on the capabilities in the May Fabric Monthly blog.

Real-Time Intelligence in Microsoft Fabric is now available with features in general availability and public preview. You can sign up for a free trial and start exploring the benefits of streaming data analytics and action at

Over the next month we’ll be releasing a series of blog posts that dive into all the capabilities further. Stay tuned!

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