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A Data Factory Pipeline Navigator Map to a Successful POC

Authors: Prashant Atri & Prabhjot Kaur

Welcome to Version 1 of the ultimate Data Factory Pipeline Mind Map!

This one-page view is packed with guidelines to help you navigate Data Factory pipelines on your Data Factory journey to build a successful Data Integration project.

Starting from the left-hand side, you will find broad feature areas that you may have questions about. As you navigate through the Mind Map towards the right, you will see many branching paths for you to consider. The very end of each path will lead you to community content, such as YouTube videos, blog posts, or official Microsoft Learn documentation.

We hope this helps bridge any gaps as you take your first steps to on a journey to Data Factory Pipelines!

This Mind Map is intended to have regular updates and we are eager to hear from you!

Please let us know which additional areas that you would like for us to include in the comments blow.

For the interactive experience with click-through links to content at the leaf nodes, please download the .pdf file

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A Data Factory Pipeline Navigator Map to a Successful POC

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