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Query activity: A one-stop view to monitor your running and completed T-SQL queries

We’re excited to announce Query activity, a one-stop view of all running and historical T-SQL queries for workspace admins! We know monitoring T-SQL queries is essential for maintaining the performance and efficiency of the warehouse to ensure that queries aren’t taking longer than expected to execute and are completed successfully. This feature enhances your ability to monitor queries quickly from your Microsoft Fabric Data warehouse or Lakehouse SQL analytics endpoint without having to run any T-SQL code!

There are two ways you can launch the Query activity experience:

  1. Click on More Options (…) next to the warehouse you want to monitor within the workspace view and select Query activity.
  2. Once you are within the query editor, click on Query activity in the ribbon.

On the Query runs page, you can see a list of running, succeeded, canceled, and failed queries up to the past 30 days. You can use the filter dropdown to select a certain status, submitter, or submit time you would like to view queries from. If there is a specific keyword in the query text or another column you would like to search up by, you can use the search bar in the top right corner to look it up. If you see a long-running query that you would like to cancel, select the query using the checkbox and click on the Cancel button. Please note that this will kill the session that the query belongs to and all queries within the same session.

On the Query insights page, you can see a list of long running queries and frequently run queries to help determine any trends within your warehouse’s queries.

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To learn more about Query activity, please refer to the documentation.

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Query activity: A one-stop view to monitor your running and completed T-SQL queries

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