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Set alerts on Real-time Dashboards with Data Activator triggers

We’re thrilled to introduce triggers and alerts on Real-Time Intelligence Dashboards. Since it’s launch, Data Activator has been able to monitor Power BI report data. Now, we’re extending monitoring support to Real-Time Dashboard visuals with alerts. 
This means you can now stay ahead of your data in Eventhouse, which is visualized in the Real-Time Dashboard. With integration with Data Activator, you’ll receive timely alerts as your key metrics change in real-time. Whether you’re monitoring sales performance, website traffic, or the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, Data Activator enables you to react quickly to emerging opportunities and changes. 
From Real-Time Dashboard tiles you can click the ellipsis (…) button and select ‘Set alert’.

This opens the ‘Set trigger’ pane where you can specify the conditions for setting up alerts. 

You can choose whether to receive alerts via email or Teams messages when these conditions are met. 

Learn more, and help us with your feedback

  • To read more about setting alerts for Real-Time Dashboards, check out the documentation.
  • To find out more about Real-Time Intelligence, read Yitzhak Kesselman’s announcement. As we launch our preview, we’d love to hear what you think and how you’re using the product. The best way to get in touch with us is through our community forum or submit an idea. For detailed how-tos, tutorials and other resources, check out the documentation.

This is part of a series of blog posts that dive into all the capabilities of Real-Time Intelligence. Stay tuned for more!

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Set alerts on Real-time Dashboards with Data Activator triggers

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