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Announcing the Fabric Readiness Repo: Empowering Communities with Microsoft Fabric Resources


The Fabric Readiness repository is a treasure trove of resources for anyone interested in exploring the exciting world of Microsoft Fabric. As its name suggests, this repository is designed to help communities learn about and discuss topics related to Fabric, making it an invaluable resource for user groups, online presentations, in-person conferences, and customer conversations.

What’s inside:

The Fabric Readiness repo contains a comprehensive collection of presentation decks that cover various aspects of Microsoft Fabric. These decks are packed with fully transcribed notes, allowing presenters to confidently deliver accurate messaging about the covered topics. We also include video recorded demos in the decks so you can rest assured that your demos will always work! The best part? You can modify and revise these decks to fit your specific needs and purposes as we are releasing under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License .

Accessing the repository:

All presentation materials are accessible by visiting the project repo @, where you can open any of the available presentations directly from your browser by selecting the appropriate “Preview Online” link for the deck you are interested in.

You can also download a local copy of all included slide decks with git tracking. To do this you’ll need to have installed and enabled git-lfs on your system. Once you’ve done that, simply clone the repo using the following command:

git clone

This will fetch all the files in the repository, including the presentation decks, and create a local copy on your system. You can then use git to track changes and updates to the repository.


The Fabric Readiness repo is an excellent resource for anyone looking to dive deeper into Microsoft Fabric. With its comprehensive collection of presentation decks and fully transcribed notes, you’ll have everything you need to deliver accurate and engaging presentations about Fabric-related topics. So go ahead, explore the repository, and start empowering your community with these valuable resources!

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Announcing the Fabric Readiness Repo: Empowering Communities with Microsoft Fabric Resources

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