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Explore data solutions efficiently with Data Pipeline’s new landing page in Fabric Data Factory

We are excited to announce the new landing page for Data Pipelines for Fabric Data Factory, which offers an updated user-friendly experience to help empower every customer to find and build useful data solutions to better ingest data. You can start building and create your first Data Factory pipeline in 5 minutes, use pre-defined templates to build powerful data solutions, and quickly transfer data from various sources to your preferred destinations with rich orchestration.

Let’s create a new Data Pipeline in Fabric Data Factory to start the exciting journey of exploring data solution in Data Pipeline landing page.

Data pipeline landing page

Copy data assistant

Use the guided copy wizard to easily ingest data from various sources to the desired destinations.

Data pipeline Copy data assistant

Practice with sample data

A template will be provided for new users to copy data from the NYC Taxi sample dataset to Lakehouse within 5 minutes. The only thing you need to do is choose a Lakehouse as your destination.

Data pipelines get started sample


Users can create various data solutions with ease, empowered by powerful templates that suit their needs.

Data pipeline template gallery

Pipeline activity

Data pipelines include a library of activities (e.g. For Each, Teams notification, etc.) to enable users to build rich and sophisticated data orchestration.

Pipeline activity library

Share your feedback

Please continue to share your feedback and feature ideas with us via our official Community channels, and stay tuned to see updates on our public roadmap page on upcoming new features:

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Explore data solutions efficiently with Data Pipeline’s new landing page in Fabric Data Factory

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