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New OneLake file explorer update with support for switching organizational accounts

With the latest OneLake file explorer v1.0.9.0 (download here), it’s simple to choose and switch between different Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) accounts. This was a highly requested feature from users who work with multiple AAD tenants, across organizations or even within a single organization.

For example, a consultant can now switch between different organization’s OneLakes depending on their current project. Your organization may also have multiple Azure Active Directories, perhaps due to past organizational changes. Now you can select any AAD account in OneLake file explorer.

To switch accounts, right click the OneLake icon in the Windows notification area, select “Account” and then “Sign out”. Signing out will exit OneLake file explorer and pause the sync. To sign in with another account, start OneLake file explorer again and choose the desired account. You will then see the list of workspaces and items refresh in OneLake file explorer!

New Menu option to select “Account”

For more information on OneLake file explorer, please check out our documentation here.

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New OneLake file explorer update with support for switching organizational accounts

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