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OneLake File Explorer: Update via Excel made Easy

With the newest version of OneLake file explorer (v1.0.11.0) we bring a few updates to enhance your experience with OneLake.

Excel Integration: Editing made Easy 

With our latest release v1.0.11.0 of file explorer, we are excited to announce that you can now update your files directly using Excel, mirroring the user-friendly experience available in OneDrive. This enhancement aims to streamline your workflow and provide a more intuitive approach to managing and editing your Excel documents. 

Perhaps you often work with data in Excel and are seeking an efficient means to update that data in OneLake, our latest release offers an easy solution. With this update, you can edit your files using Excel in OneLake, where they can be effortlessly joined with other OneLake data for comprehensive analysis.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Open your file using Excel within your OneLake file explorer. 
  • Make the necessary updates and save your data. 
  • Close the file. 

And that’s it! The moment you close the file, your file is updated, and you can view the latest changes through your browser online. This feature offers a convenient, hassle-free way to manage and update your data files via Excel. 

View Release Notes: Stay in the Loop 

To keep you informed about the latest changes and features, we have introduced a new ‘Release Notes’ menu option in OneLake file explorer. This handy addition is designed to make your life easier by keeping you informed about what’s new in the latest version. 

 Here’s how to access it: 

  • Right-click on the OneLake icon in the Windows notification area, typically found at the far right of your taskbar.
  • Select ‘About’ and then ‘Release Notes.’ 

This simple action opens up a dedicated ‘Release Notes‘ page in your web browser, offering a comprehensive overview of the changes and enhancements in this version.

With these updates, we hope to make your experience with OneLake File Explorer even more convenient.  Stay ahead of the curve with seamless Excel integration and easy access to release notes.  Upgrade to our latest version and explore these new features! 

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