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Semantic Link: OneLake integrated Semantic Models

Semantic Link adds support for the recently released OneLake integrated semantic models! You can now directly access data using your semantic model’s name via OneLake using the read_table function and the new mode parameter set to onelake. This approach ensures that no load is placed on Analysis Services, enabling efficient data retrieval and avoids putting … Continue reading “Semantic Link: OneLake integrated Semantic Models”

Semantic Link: Data validation using Great Expectations

Great Expectations Open Source(GX OSS) is a popular Python library that provides a framework for describing and validating the acceptable state of data. It helps data engineers and data scientists ensure that their data meets specific quality standards before using it for analysis, machine learning, or other data-driven tasks. With the recent integration of Microsoft … Continue reading “Semantic Link: Data validation using Great Expectations”

Semantic link in Microsoft Fabric: Bridging BI and Data Science

We are pleased to introduce the Public Preview of semantic link, an innovative feature that seamlessly connects Power BI datasets with Synapse Data Science within Microsoft Fabric. As the gold layer in a medallion architecture, Power BI datasets contain the most refined and valuable data in your organization. With semantic link, we unlock this data’s … Continue reading “Semantic link in Microsoft Fabric: Bridging BI and Data Science”