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Automate your CI/CD pipelines with Microsoft Fabric Git REST APIs

Git integration in Microsoft Fabric enables developers to integrate development process and tools directly into Fabric, empowering them to backup and version their work, revert to previous stages, collaborate on shared branches or work separately using feature branches, and apply familiar source control tools to manage Fabric items. Until today, all these capabilities were exclusively … Continue reading “Automate your CI/CD pipelines with Microsoft Fabric Git REST APIs”

Easily implement data mesh architecture with domains in Fabric

Today, organizations are experiencing massive growth in the volume of data they handle. As a result, they face an ever increasing need to be able to organize and manage that data in a logical way that facilitates targeted usage and efficient governance. To meet this challenge, organizations are shifting away from traditional IT-centric data architectures, … Continue reading “Easily implement data mesh architecture with domains in Fabric”

Announcing Delta Lake support in Real-Time Analytics KQL Database (Preview)

As part of the One logical copy effort, we’re excited to announce that you can now enable availability of KQL Database in Delta Lake format. Delta Lake  is the unified data lake table format chosen to achieve seamless data access across all compute engines in Microsoft Fabric. The data streamed into KQL Database is stored … Continue reading “Announcing Delta Lake support in Real-Time Analytics KQL Database (Preview)”

Microsoft Fabric November 2023 update

Welcome to the November 2023 update.   We have lots of features this month including Narrative visual with Copilot, cross workspace “save as” for Data Factory, the general availability of Semantic model scale-out, and many more. Continue reading for more details on our new features!    Contents Core Microsoft Fabric User API Power BI Reporting Button … Continue reading “Microsoft Fabric November 2023 update”

Fabric workloads are now generally available!

Microsoft Fabric is now generally available! Fabric brings together the best of Microsoft Power BI, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure Data Factory into a single software as a service (SAAS) platform. Fabric provides multiple workloads purpose-built for specific personas and specific tasks. Keep reading to learn about all of Fabric’s workloads! Synapse Data Warehouse We … Continue reading “Fabric workloads are now generally available!”