Microsoft Fabric Updates Blog

Create multiple shortcuts faster and easier

Microsoft OneLake provides a single unified storage location for all your data analytics needs. Whether your data is stored directly in OneLake or through other storage accounts, all your data is accessible through OneLake. Microsoft OneLake makes this possible through a virtualization layer called Shortcuts. Shortcuts in OneLake allow you to reference different storage locations … Continue reading “Create multiple shortcuts faster and easier”

Delta-RS introduces native support for OneLake 

Delta-RS, the native Rust library for DeltaLake, now supports OneLake, enabling partners to directly manage their lakehouses in OneLake using Delta-RS!  As the single data lake for all Fabric tenants, it is imperative that OneLake enables organizations to use their tool, language, and package of choice to manage their data.  This is especially true for … Continue reading “Delta-RS introduces native support for OneLake “

What’s New in Eventstream: Enhanced UX on Event Processor and Expanded Custom App Connections

Eventstream is a streaming platform in Fabric that allows you to capture, transform, and route real-time events using a no-code editor. Our recent updates, focused on enhancing efficiency and user experience, include UX improvements on the no-code Event Processor and expanding the Custom App connection strings to other protocols such as Kafka and AMQP. In … Continue reading “What’s New in Eventstream: Enhanced UX on Event Processor and Expanded Custom App Connections”

Announcing: Fabric Warehouse publishing full DML to Delta Lake Logs

We are excited to announce that the Data Warehouse now publishes all Inserts, Updates and Deletes for each table to their Delta Lake Log in OneLake! Our vision is to break down data silos and make it really easy to share data from your Data Warehouses with other teams who use different services without having … Continue reading “Announcing: Fabric Warehouse publishing full DML to Delta Lake Logs”

Microsoft Fabric October 2023 update

Microsoft Fabric October 2023 update We have a lot of features this month including updates to the Item type icons, Keyword-Based Filtering of Tenant Settings, On-object Interaction updates, Eventstream Kafka Endpoints and many more. Continue reading for more details on our new and updated features! Core Item type icons Admin Keyword-Based Filtering of Tenant Settings … Continue reading “Microsoft Fabric October 2023 update”